Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Rubiah Island Sabang, Beautiful Island in Indonesia

Rubiah island Sabang is one of the interesting charm in the zero kilometer Sabang Indonesia. The Island is perfect for travelers who like snorkeling and diving or just a walk around the island using boats which is paired glass underneath to see the beauty of coral reefs and other marine biota.
The sea water of Rubiah island is very clear as if like the sun can penetrate to the ocean floor. This is what makes the beauty of the coral reefs can be enjoyed by tourist from the window glass which is paired in the bottom of the boat. Beside of coral reefs, various types of tropical fish such as lion fish, angle fish, gigantic clams, school of parrot fish and many others also enriches the beauty of the marine park in Rubiah island. The tourists do not bother to bring equipment for snorkeling and diving. Here all the things are rented and the price also very affordable price.
Rubiah island located in Weh Island it's appropriately in the west Sabang. Nowadays most know as Sabang. Weh island is about 32 km from Banda Aceh, the capital of the provincial Aceh, Indonesia.

The travelers who want to get through the Rubiah island they can go from Ulee Lheue port  in Banda Aceh using a ferry or fast boat to the Sabang Balohan port. If you bring vehicles to use the ferry. A trip to Sabang crossing take approximately 90 minutes by ferry and 45 minutes by speedboat. Then to proceed to Rubiah island, tourists can go on using speedboats travel time approximately 15 minutes. Usually the crossing to the island of Rubiah through Iboih. Iboih it self can be reached by road approximately 40 minutes from Sabang city.


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