Friday, 1 April 2016

Keumamah, Fish Timber by Acehness

One of the Acehness foods that can be enjoyed in Aceh is fish timber or by the local community known as keumamah. Keumamah also can be used as gifts for family when return from Tanah Rencong. Keumamah that already served can be found in a Acehness food stalls, while that on packed series it sold in the public market. In Aceh, Keumamah also often found in society events such as weddings and Maulid.

Keumamah is one of Aceh main course that made for patriots of the past when a guerrilla againt the invaders. It made from dried and naturally preserved tuna, it easier to carry and served as well as durable also. Glance, it looks brown or blackish with a hard texture such as wood. It had several processes how to make it such as the drying and curing.

If you claim yourself as culinaries hunter, you must try this  main course actually. Keumamah served with special spices of Aceh, coupled with a plate of warm rice. It was guaranteed great...


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