Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Peucari Waterfall, Hidden Objects in Inland Aceh Besar

For those of you who like to explore, Peucari waterfall in Indonesia, surely one of the attractive destinations to visit. This waterfall is hidden in the middle of the wilderness in the interior of Aceh Besar district which is a neighbor of the city of Banda Aceh, The capital city of the province. Peucari Waterfall precisely located in the middle of the Jantho‘s woods. To get to Jantho takes about 1 hour trip by private vehicle or public From Banda Aceh.

From Jantho to the waterfall followed by walk, a trip down the trail takes approximately 2 hours. The trip will be accompanied by a guide from the local village with certain cost in accordance with the activities to do. If only been localized the charge Rp.200.000,-, but if you plan to spend the night in the location the charge Rp.500.000,-. Considered the grueling journey, it must be ensured body condition in good health, physically and mentally ready.

Surely such that grueling 2 hours will pay off with the beauty and remarkable of God's creation. If one day have chance for us to enjoy the beautiful corner of the world, pleasure to have fun but do not too over. Prepare enough food stock because of the location away from the crowds. Whatever we take on, bring it back home, do not let our trash littering the naturalness and beauty of the Peucari waterfall area.

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