Sunday, 13 March 2016


Goa Sarang, The Secrets Behind of Sabang’s Mountains

The beauty of Sabang is no doubt anymore, every corner of the city has its own charm. There are many interesting locations are not so well known among tourists, one of it is Goa Sarang. Judging from the location and the journey that must be taken, Goa Sarang still impressed secrets hidden behind the mountains of Sabang. The location far away from the crowd, Just a few visitors were seen passing while taking picture the beauty of around Goa Sarang.

Goa Sarang is one of the caves are formed naturally in Sabang. It located oppositeTourism Iboih Forest, there are inhabited by a variety of animals such as birds, bats and snakes. Interestingly, from the mouth’s cave leads directly to the ocean. Visitors who are interested in enjoying the uniqueness of caves, stalactites formed by water droplets in the cave treats a beautiful view.

The way to the Goa Sarang can be reached from the way sea or land, from the sea we can use a rented motor boat around the Iboih or Gapang areas. For the land, a very challenging journey through the path, the trip also had to descend a steep cliff, passable also draining energy and mental. However, all the tiredness will pay off with panoramas that obtained when arriving at the location. If you  intend to travel or vacation to Sabang, do not to miss a moment to this place. The difference nuances of the ordinary you heard about Sabang is Goa Sarang.


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