Friday, 12 February 2016


Lange, beautiful beach with natural fountain from coral slit

There are so many hidden beach in Indonesia. Lange Beach at Aceh is one of it. The beautiful beach that deplete energies on trip by way of florest, farmland and plantation. It placed at Lam Lhom, Aceh Besar. It's about one hour challenge trip to arrive that beautiful beach.

Besides nature sense, one of spesial attraction from Lange Beach is the nature fountain that created by pounding wave and squirting pass through coral slit. Several visitors said the fountain is one of their reason to waste long time at there.

During swim and playing water, you can see a lot of ocean biotas in Lange Beach. Which are shells, sea urchin and variety beautiful fish. If we want to enjoy the beautiful of Lange Beach, we have to permit with vice village society and don't let our trash contaminate the beautiful beach.

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