Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Kuala Parek, One of Tourism Attraction Challenging in Indonesia

Kuala Parek is one of tourism attraction in Indonesia. It located at Kaloy Village, Tamiang Hulu, Aceh Tamiang. It placed in AMPLI enterprise area which one of oil palm estate at Aceh Tamiang.

We can see big split rocks being river path at Kuala Parek. There is water flow through the rift beautifully. But becareful, don't ever try to swim in the current because it too dangerous. The swift current can make fatal accident.

This place not many be visited by people, perhaps it caused this place is so far and chellenging realm. The nature condition seems natural within steep railing river current. Otherwise, on across side it dense natural forest.

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  1. Being at river path at Kuala Parek I love to dive into this cool water but afraid. Still we can enjoy a wonderful time over here.
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